Impacted wisdom tooth

Hi I'm a male 37yrs and in good health I have an impacted wisdom tooth on the left hand side bottom, the other three are semi down and slightly out of line I'm due to have two of them removed on October 19 but have a really sore neck not swollen just sore and all the wisdom teeth are sore and feel like there's pressure on them, anyway was wondering is this normal espically the sore neck hurts when I turn it etc. Am going away to another country for a week unavoidable was wondering if there's anything I can do to to ease pain am on antibiotics and pain killer for last week not really helping am woried is there any need to be

Answer: Impacted Wisdom Tooth

By Sarah h

It sounds like you are taking the necessary precautions with being on the antibiotic.  It would be a good idea to have a refill handy in case it flares up while over seas.  Pharmacies can be hard to find and an American prescription could be difficult to fill.  Warm salt water rinses several times a day can be soothing and offer some comfort while flushing out tiny particles and debris.  Sometimes an anti-inflammatory such as over the counter Motrin or Ibuprofen can help more than a pain killer, or you can alternate as needed.  If the sore area is more towards your tonsils, a quick visit to your family physician may help rule out a bacterial or viral infection such as strep throat.  Keep hydrated with plenty of fluids and up your dose of vitamin C prior to leaving with an over the counter supplement such as zicam or air-borne.  These can help to ward off germs in close spaces such as airplanes or waiting areas.