I require information about tooth fillings in pregnancy

I am 38.5 weeks pregnant. I Chipped a tooth that is filled and maybe chipped the filling too. I know I can't have replacement or removal due to Mercury vapour. Will an exposed or chipped filling be releasing Mercury vapour? Is it dangerous for baby if swallowed? I Have metallic taste - is this normal? Only concern is for baby. Thank you.

Answer: fillings during pregnancy

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

Amalgam fillings which contain mercury can release mercury into your mouth each time you chew. Having them removed and replaced with a composite resin or porcelain restoration should eliminate the metallic taste in your mouth. This symptom usually indicates the filling is leaking. Many dentists can use a rubber dam to isolate the tooth being treated during removal of the amalgam and placement of the mercury free restoration. This keeps all the amalgam material out of your mouth so it is not ingested, as well as keeps the tooth free from contamination with saliva. Prior to treatment you should obtain clearance from your Obgyn for dental treatment, then consult with a dentist that uses rubber dams. You are very close to delivery, so it may be best to wait, unless you are experiencing pain.