I feel my bite is off and my dentist doesn't agree?

I went to the dentist because I had horrible sweet sensitivity between 13 and 14. I have had SRP, 13 fillings, and wisdom teeth extractions in the past two months. I have bruxism. First, they filled 12 OD, 13 MOD, 14 OL, 19 OD, 20 OD, and 18 O. Immediately my front teeth were touching which they did not before, my dentist told me to come back if I notice issues. I noticed that chewing crunchy things I had a horrible clacking in both 12 and 14. I went to an urgent care dentist because 12 was so painful and I had crazy shooting pain and told him 12 and 14. He took some off 12 and a little off 13 and 12 was immediately better and did not touch at all, nor did my front teeth anymore. He said he thought my original dentist did something wrong, he said "you have these grooves from wear and you can't just build back, you have to scoop more to build up" which I don't know what that means. He also criticized 13 saying it was too much work, or something. He also pointed out a deep stain on 19 and said he would have done something with it if he was filling. 14 still clacked and hurt so I had my original dentist take some off and then it was all good. My teeth didn't touch on the left anymore, I just closed on the right. Then we filled 4 OD, 8 ML, 9 ML, 2 OL, 3 OL and the dentist said "I need to fill 10 DL because I missed it on the xrays." She started doing it and as she told me she needs to do 9 D also. She told the front desk person to add them and I paid. That night I flossed and some composite came off on the floss. I noticed every day a pricking sensation/pain running across all my front teeth and pain in 9 D. It feels mostly fine in the morning and worstens through the day. Floss gets stuck on all of them but most don't hurt, but flossing 9 D sends horrible pain through it. But not like its just getting caught. A few days later they pulled my wisdom teeth. I felt my bite was off but I can't tell how. I waited 2 weeks and then told my dentist 9 D really hurts and my bite also feels off like it's sliding around my mouth. She did not xray. She said 10 DL was broken, she looked at the chart and said that my natural tooth had broken. I told her... no, that's a filling. She said "oh, yeah, looks like we didnt charge you" so they charged to fix it. I was paying for it with the front desk person and the dentist ran in saying "stop, its 10 dl not 10 L" and the front desk person laughed and turned to me and said, that's a relief she caught that! Then the dentist fixed it and then shaved a bunch off 9 L, which I don't think is a problem. I was getting scared because it was so much but she kept asking if it felt better and I told her no. I told her repeatedly I thought the bite issue feels like something with 2/3/4 if anything, NOT 9, but she said they are fine and the blue paper shows they are fine. She polished 9 D and said that should work, if not come back and she'll shave more off 9 L (please no!!). I thought the pricklyness seems better after fixing the broken filling, but it is still there and 9 D still aches in the evening, gets pain when I floss and I take aspirin. Also my bite feels completely off. In the morning I take my night gaurd off and all the weight is on 5/28, which are not filled teeth, but I feel like maybe 4 or 2 could have some occlusion affecting it, but I don't know. Then through the day it like moves so 12 and 20 are also touching. When chewing, the right teeth do all contact but there is a lot of pressure on the other side in 20 (not filled!!) and also in 4-it feels like 4 is getting pushed forward against 5- and if I bite into food there's sensitivity in 9 but it doesn't seem to occlude. 9D is really sensitive to cold. By evening I don't close my teeth and it's sensitive everywhere, sometimes I put my night gaurd in just to relax. But there is no obvious "clacking" like before that I knew the specific problem was a high filling. My suspicion is that there is something wrong with the 9D filling, and also something going on with my bite. My teeth have never evenly matched, all my teeth are straight but the right side comes straight together and the left the top side kind of overhangs, 25/24 close to the right of 8/9, so idk if it complicates anything. When I got my braces off my ortho wanted to pull 14 and move all the top teeth over and put braces back on but I told him I would rather have 8/9 line up facially then lined up with 25/24. Also my jaw unhooks on the right and I have bruxism wear so I think maybe it's all sort of complicated in there. I'm not sure if wisdom teeth could have done something too, as one was angled. I don't know what to do I just know it is miserable trying not to think about my bite all day everyday and I feel like I am stuck because I don't think my dentist thinks there is anything wrong, I think something is wrong but I'm not a dentist.

Answer: Bite Is Off and Dentist Doesn't Agree

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

You have had a lot of dental treatment in a a short time span and it may take time to settle. Each time we restore a tooth we change the anatomy a small amount. It may take several adjustments for the resin restorations alone. You also had teeth removed which many times can cause a small amount of shifting. It is not normal that you feel an unhinging in your jaw. This can cause excessive wear in the joint and disc which lubricates the joint. You may want to schedule and appointment with an oral surgeon to have this addressed. This can create a shift in your occlusion, which may be the cause of your discomfort. Try to maintain a soft diet, warm moist compresses on your joint several times a day and an Over the counter anti-inflammatory as needed for pain until you are evaluated and treated.