How can I close my gap?

Hello, I am 16 and have already had braces. My braces came off when I was about 13. Due to lack of wearing my retainer, my two front teeth are starting to show a small gap. What is the most effective way to fix this as soon as possible? Thank you!

Answer: Closing a diastema

By BracesInfo Expert 5

A natural space or spaces between two teeth is also known as a diastema. If the space is very small, sometimes a retainer, such as a Hawley can be fabricated which will close the small space. The most effective way to close the space is orthodontics. Since you are what is considered an orthodontic relapse patient, Invisalign is a great option and sometimes can be quicker than traditional brackets. You can find an Invisalign provider on the top of our website under "Find Doctor". Invisalign is easy to start, requiring several photos, a panoramic radiograph, along with upper/lower impressions and a bite registration. This collected date is used to digitally produce a series of clear plastic aligners which will gradually move the teeth together, closing the space. Once the treatment is decided and completed, a retainer will be required to keep the space closed permanently.

Answer: How can I close my gap

By Sarah h

If you have your retainer and it still fits, begin wearing it as much as possible. There should be enough pressure placed on the teeth to move them back together. This will always happen, that is why it is so important to wear your retainer every night. If you no longer have your retainer, your orthodontist may be able to make you a new one or a dental appliance similar to a clear retainer that can move your teeth back together with a small cost compared to full orthodontics. If the space is larger or a dental appliance would not work, Invisalign offers an Express case which is six months or less and is at a discounted fee compared with a full Invisalign case. Schedule an appointment with you orthodontist as soon as possible to avoid further movement.