Had my wisdom teeth out now I have a toothache in my front tooth

I had my wisdom teeth out a week ago and about 3 days after I started having a problem with my front tooth. I have a filling in my front tooth and it's been filled for a few months now it is a very sensitive filling no cold liquids. Well all of a sudden after surgery now my front tooth aches super bad and is sensitive to touch same with the tooth next to it now. I know I clench a lot but now the soreness does not go away. Do I need a root canal? Or more time for everything to settle down

Answer: Wisdom Tooth

By Sarah h

It is best to schedule an appointment now, so it doesn't get worse. Wisdom teeth harbor a lot of bacteria and are hard to keep clean. The surplus of bacteria in your mouth could have led to additional complications that will arise. Your tooth may or may not resolve on its own. If the tooth has been restored and has always had sensitivity issues, it sounds like it was potentially a failing restoration. The best thing to do is, have it examined and restored before you have a severe toothache or abscess. This will not only save you from discomfort, but it is less costly as well.

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