Extraction of abscess tooth prior to antibiotics

Hello, This question is based off an experience that I've recently had. If a patient came in with a swollen face due to an abscess molar, what would be the proper steps to take care of it? Is antibiotics mandatory prior to extraction or can it be pulled and given antibiotics after? Thanks for your time. Tiffany

Answer: Extraction of Abscess Tooth Prior to Antibiotics

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

It is not always necessary to take an antibiotic prior to an extraction. Antibiotics are used to reduce an infection, however it will not completely treat the tooth (source of infection). AN antibiotic is sometimes recommended prior to the removal of upper teeth in order to get the area numb. When there is an area of infection there is a low pH, but local anesthetic has a high pH. So the infection will neutralize the anesthetic. In the upper jaw, the dentist will inject the local anesthetic directly over the root of the tooth. If this area is infected, the anesthetic wont be effective. Therefore is an extraction is needed, the infection will need to be controlled before the extraction can be done. This will ensure comfort for the patient during the procedure.