Does getting your molars remove require you to remove piercings?

I was wondering if this procedure required removal of metal for having an MRI for example because I have two fresh new piercings which I shouldn't replace the jewelry in them for a while until healed. Ii don't want them to close back up during the procedure.

Answer: Removing Piercings for Extractions Required

By Expert 10

In general an MRI is not used to diagnose or during the removal of a tooth/teeth. An MRI can be used after an extraction to measure the amount of swelling after an extraction, however this is not a routine practice for most treating dentists or oral surgeons. Removal of piercings would be at the discretion of the oral surgeon or treating dentist. This of course would also be dependent upon the location of the piercings. Obviously if they are in the mouth or one the face or lips, you may want to wait till after healing in order to avoid interference. This is a great questions to ask at your consultation or examination appointment in order to avoid any confusion and be prepared.