Damage to pulp from heat from dental drill

My orthodontist removed my invisalign attachment with a high speed handpiece and my tooth got really hot/burned. Does this mean my pulp was damaged and I will need a root canal? How long will I know if this procedure affected my tooth - could it be years? I\'d like to know if it did or not. Also, will all this etching, sanding, etc. reduce my enamel and allow bacteria, etc. to enter the tooth easier? I've been reading this on the internet. thank you.

Answer: Frictional Heat On The Tooth

By BracesInfo.com Expert 10

It is hard to say if there was any damage to the pulp, especially if you are not having symptoms. It is always a possibility of symptoms in the future and yes it could be years down the road. I would hope the orthodontist is licensed and experienced and is aware of the necessary precautions needed to ensure damage did not and will not occur in the future.