crooked teeth

So i use to have dreams that i would bite down so hard that my teeth would break and shatter and i would wake myself up as i was doing it; but what it did was push one of my front teeth on the top up and makes it stick out and the bottom row some are sticking out and the others are pushed back. What would be a good method to get them straighter? Would I need to get one of the teeth sanded down because it is longer than the one pushed up and out

Answer: Crooked teeth

By Sarah h

There are several options to a healthy straight smile, most of which require orthodontics. The first step is to contact a local orthodontist for a consultation. Research for a provider that offers both traditional brackets as well as Invisalign. Referrals from family and friends is also a great idea. At the consultation appointment the orthodontist will examine your teeth, bite classification, jaw relationship, crowding or spacing and take necessary radiographs and photos. This data is collected and discussed with you to determine your treatment goals. Unfortunately there is no quick overnight fix, however once your teeth begin to shift, they will only continue to do so making oral hygiene more difficult. Orthodontics is the solution to a happy healthy smile you can be proud of.