Complications after surgical removal abcessed tooth

I am 48yr old female that had my left lower bicupid surgically removed because it had abcessed. Twelve days later I am having excruciating pain in my chin radiating into my jaw and ear. Each day it's​ worsening with throbbing pain in my jaw under my ear to headache's with pain that even radiates down my neck into my shoulder. I called my surgeons office yesterday and they can't see me until next week. I've even noticed a huge difference in how my energy level has severely gone down. I am a hairdresser and I'm​ dreading going to work right now!😢 What do you think it is? Please Help!

Answer: Complications After Surgical Removal of Abscessed Tooth

By Expert 10

It sounds like you may have a dry socket or secondary infection. Severe pain following a tooth extraction is usually suspect of a dry socket. The surgeon most likely will need to examine you to ensure there is still blood clot coverage over the bone. A radiograph may also be necessary. This x-ray will show the surgeon if there is any remaining root or loose bone fragments in the socket or an infection. Until your surgeon is able to see you, continue to flush out the area with warm salt water to keep it free of debris. A medicated dressing as well as pain medication may be needed until the socket has healed.