Cavity in tooth with root canal

Iam 72 and have had a tooth with a root canal covered with silver filling for years. Yesterday the dentist found a small cavity in the silver. He said that nowadays the root canals are covered with a crown and I should get a crown before the cavity gets larger. The cost for the crown is a real financial burden for me as I am retired and on a fixed income. Do I need to have a crown to repair this cavity or can I ask the dentist to do something else? Also, since this is a small cavity (the hygienest who cleaned my teeth never saw it) is it possible that it can go without being filled?

Answer: Crown After Root Canal

By Sarah h

There is no way to tell how large the cavity is under the silver filing without completely removing it. The dental instrument may fit into a small area to detect the decay, which could travel deep into the tooth. Recurrent decay will compromise the tooth and with an existing root canal you are at risk of it fracturing. Being on a fixed income can present a problem, however if the tooth fractures and needs to be extracted, it can also be costly. Meet with the office financial coordinator and ask about affordable payment options that will fit into your monthly budget. Most offices offer interest free payments in order to assist their fixed income patients.