Can Invisalign be used with crowns and missing teeth?

I am a 62 year old female. I have overjet, gaps in my top teeth, crowns, one missing tooth and several fillings. I hate my smile and was wondering if invisalign would work for me with crowns and etc.? Thank you.

Answer: Does Invisalign Work With Crowns and Missing Teeth

By Sarah h

Invisalign is a great option for most adult orthodontic cases. It is possible for them to correct your malocclusion even though you have existing dental restorations. Many times, not correcting our misaligned teeth can cause more harm than good. By not correcting your overjet, you are at risk of chipping or wearing your teeth. This can also lead to dry mouth as a result of mouth breathing. Closing spaces between teeth is usually not complicated, as long as the space is not too large. Signs of improper spacing include biting lips, cheeks, food traps, and bad breath. If you are missing a molar, more thank likely it is best to align the teeth opening enough space to have a dental implant of fixed bridge placed in the future. On our home page, there is a find doctor tab on the upper left corner. Clicking on this link will provide you information to locate a preferred provider in your area. Once scheduling a consultation appointment, the treating dentist will be able to more thoroughly review your specific case and treatment needs.