Adult teeth still in gums

Hi, I've had my baby lateral incisor and canine teeth taken out just about a year ago. I'm 15 and I pulled them out my self because they were stubborn about a year ago , but my adult teeth haven't come in. My front teeth are a bit large so there might not be enough space for both to come out. When I went to my dentist they took an xray and they saw pieces of "bone" and my teeth. I forgot to mention that there is a large bump in that area of my gums. They sent me to a specialist, and they want to take a 3D xray, but we Dont have the money. Do you have any idea what its is? My dentist said if I get braces they might be able to pull them down. Thank you :)

Answer: Adult teeth not erupting

By Sarah h

The teeth most likely did not exfoliate on their own because they were not ready. The adult teeth usually push the baby teeth out and erupt quickly after. However if the adult teeth were not preparing the primary/baby teeth for exfoliation, the primary teeth do not become loose on their own. The primary teeth serve to hold the space open for the permanent teeth, like a space maintainer. Now that they are removed, other teeth in your mouth may shift into the open space, creating a necessity for orthodontics. It is very important to have the 3D X-ray taken if the specialist suggest it. Not only because it will be needed to determine exactly where your adult teeth are and the possibility of using orthodontics to bring them into alignment, but because you don't want that mass to be a tumor or growth that can continue to get worse and affect your entire oral facial structures. I do not think that if it was just a small piece of bone you would have been sent to a specialist. The hope is that it is insignificant, however there is a good chance that bump/bone will need to be surgically removed. The sooner you can coordinate an appointment, the better. This is not a cosmetic or optional procedure and should not be treated as so. Speak with the financial coordinator at the office for suggestions on payment arrangements if needed.