#8 Tooth Crown

My 18 year old son has beautiful teeth. His #8 tooth had trauma about four years ago and he got a root canal and now its getting darker and darker. His pediatrict dentist told him maybe wait to get crown or until it starts cracking. It has chipped some on the edge not much though. Should we wait a while to crown or go ahead and get it done to prevent more serious breakage or potential implant potential in future. I guess the most given advise is if it gets a root canal it should get a crown. Right?

Answer: #8 Crown

By Sarah h

Now that your son is 18, it is most likely safe to restore tooth #8 with a porcelain crown. Four years ago, at age 14, he still has a lot of growing to do. The root canal was performed because the nerve tissue was deteriorating or necrotic. A filling was most likely placed as a temporary restoration due to his age. It is normal for a non-vital tooth to become darker that the surrounding vital teeth. This does not mean that the root canal is failing. Every tooth that has a root canal should have a full coverage crown. This will protect the tooth from fracturing in the future. It is best to seek treatment from a general or cosmetic dentist to restore tooth #8 with a beautiful porcelain crown that will last him years and look very natural.

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