4 impacted wisdoms pulled 5 days ago

Hey doc/docs (: I had 4 impacted wisdoms extracted 5 days ago. I've had no pain (even when I've taken no pain killers) . My oral surgeons instructions were no smoking for 24 hours. After a bit of research I've found that the number ranges from 24 hours-6weeks depending who you ask. So I would greatly appreciate a more recent second opinion on the matter. Thanks in advance!!!!! (:

Answer: Smoking After Extractions

By Sarah h

The main reason it is recommended that a patient refrains from smoking after a tooth is extracted is to prevent a dry socket. A dry socket can occur when the blood clot covering the bone after a dental extraction becomes dislodged. This can be extremely painful and lead to slower healing. The average time to wait is 48 to 72 hours. More than likely if it has been five days without complication, you are in the clear. However, it is important to know that smoking has other harmful effects, such as toxic chemicals that will delay healing time and effects on all your respiratory organs. Stopping smoking will not only benefit your healing, but benefit your overall health as well.