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How long I’m a supposed to be keeping expanders in my mouth

I’ve had braces for about almost 2 years now I got them on July 20th 2017 and I got my expanders in August 2017. Since I had them it’s been nothing but pain to me with it creating a gap in my teeth which causes me to have low self esteem in my...

Will I need retainers after Wisdom tooth extraction?

I have never had braces or any other device before. My wisdom teeth (below) have been coming in for a bit but the left one is at an angle. This causes me pain and pressure towards the front of my jaw as my teeth and being forced together and...

Lower Jaw moving backwards when sleeping

Starting last week I notice when I fall asleep and as my muscles relax I felt like my throat was being pushed in. Last night I just noticed its not my throat and its my I think lower jaw. It seems to move slowly backwards. I'm having a hard time...

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