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Braces Info is a complete resource of orthodontics serving readers in search of the latest in teeth braces. Learn about how you can improve your appearance, bite and dental health from the use of Braces. Browse the frequently asked dental questions or post your own to have one of our experts answer it. You can search for an Orthodontist in your area for a consultation.

We have expanded the Braces Info site to include the average dental cost for your area. Use the dental cost calculator to get an estimate of your upcoming dental work.

If you have gone through braces, Invisalign, Jaw Surgery or Dental Implants than you may submit your Dental Review here. You can browse the dental reviews from real unbiased users to get an idea of pricing, user experience and more.

Dental Insurance

All About Dental Insurance

If you are having dental work done or considering braces, you should get to know your current insurance company better or shop for new coverage that better meets your future dental needs. Insurance for braces is available and you will find that dental insurance companies will cover a percentage of orthodontic treatment depending on the situation. In general, cosmetic type dental services such as whitening will not be covered.

We have put together a complete dental insurance resource section to cover frequently asked questions and help you get the best coverage for your teeth. You can use the dental cost calculator to calculate the average cost of dental services in your major city.



FAQ: Orthognathic Surgery

Braces and orthodontics may not be enough to correct severe bite issues. Class 2 overbites and Class 3 underbites are quite common along with crossbites. Some people may choose not to correct them, but for others it is quite a life changing experience. A poor bite can lead to issues such as TMJ, speech problems and difficult chewing properly. With the help of orthognathic surgery in conjunction with braces, your bite can be drastically improved.

Read the frequently asked questions about orthognathic jaw surgery and also real life case studies. The case studies were put together in order to give you an idea of exactly what to expect and how to go about it the right way.


Tom Cruise With Braces

Famous People With Braces

Did you know that many famous celebrities got their Hollywood smiles by way of orthodontics? There are several well-known cases of celebrities that have undergone braces treatment before and during their careers. One of the most notable would have to be Tom Cruise who had clear braces put on and he wore them proudly.

With changing technologies in hidden braces such as Invisalign, we are seeing fewer celebrities in public with traditional metal braces. However we have compiled a list of famous people with braces from the past that you may find interesting to know were not born with those perfect teeth.


FAQ: Adult Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment does not discriminate against age. In fact adults of all ages are seeking orthodontics from metal braces to hidden braces such as Invisalign to improve their smile. In many cases an adult had orthodontic treatment as a teenager and their teeth slowly shifted over the years most likely from not wearing their retainer. In any situation, more and more adults find that getting their teeth in line is a great investment. Here we have put together a list of frequently asked questions for adult orthodontics patients.


Orthodontic Costs For Parents

As a parent shopping for orthodontic treatment for your teenager, you will be surprised to learn of the different types of orthodontics available along with the variable braces pricing. It is always recommended to get several opinions from multiple orthodontist or dentist when looking for the best treatment for your child. Family and friend referrals are always beneficial also. The average cost of braces will vary by major city and doctor. Payment plans are available in most practices to help afford orthodontic treatment.


Why Get Braces?

Getting braces is a decision that is faced by most people at sometime in their life. While some are lucky enough to have straight teeth through genetics and luck, the rest of us will commit to modern orthodontics to get the smile we want. A good smile is important to many people along with the functionality of your teeth and bite. Your overall appearance can change too depending on the situation of your orthodontic needs. You can look at our before and after photo gallery to get an idea of facial improvements due to braces. There are many reasons to get braces and we have covered them in detail in our getting braces guide.


Recently Answered Questions

  • What Needs To Be Done For A Bad Toothache?

    Hi im having a bad toothache on upper rear between my wisdom tooth and in front of it around the gum line. My whole right side of my face hurts what can it be? and what needs to be done to me?

  • Where would the injection site be for an Occlusal amalgam on tooth # 19?

    Where would the injection site be for an Occlusal amalgam on tooth # 19?

  • Pain From Crowns?

    1 week ago I received 2 crowns. I believe it was 3 and 15. Assuming 3 is on the bottom, I am having nagging constant pain in that region of my mouth and it goes away with the use of NSAID's. Is this normal to feel this pain from just a crown?

  • Question about braces Insurance

    I\'ve needed to get braces for a long time and now I have built up the courage to do it. The only problem is Im on my parents\' insurance and it covers me until my next birthday which is in a year. My question is will my insurance cover me? And if...

  • Dental Estimate is incorrect

    I have an appointment for 6 dental crowns on Monday. The estimate they gave me say \'veneers\' on the bill. This particular office charges more for veneers than they do crowns. Price for a veneer 1500, price for a crown 1285. I feel like I am...

  • Do Crowns Last Your Entire LIfe?

    My 7 yr old child had a steel door hit her in the face she had 2 upper centrals chipped and 2 lower centrals chipped/broken she had to have 2 root canals on the lower centrals, she has also had post and core done but she needs braces to make...

  • Chipped fixed bridge repair?

    I have a upper fixed bridge between tooth 6-11. it has a metal frame and the teeth seem to be porcelain. I chipped tooth# 8, it is a large chip, but a clean breack and I found the piece that fell out. Unfortunately I am unemployed, and have no...

  • What Are The Cost Associated With Dental Crowns?

    Hello, I am going to have four dental porcelain crowns that have been priced at $1200 each. I am wondering what the cost breakdown is for the dentist and the lab making the crown? Thank you Will german

  • Similarities between parent and chld teeth

    there might be a chance that i have a daughter and i have seen pictures of her and i have a unigue top set of teeth on the pictures so is the girl who may be my daughter our teeth exactly matches is there often found to be any similarities between...

  • Are My Gums Receding?

    I am 17. I was wondering if my gums look like they are receding. This is the picture I took: Thank You

Recently Asked Questions

  • My teeth came down

    Hi, I have had my bottom both side theet removed, now as there is a empty space the theet from top have come down, and now on the left side whenever I eat it is hurting my gum on the bottom. What should I do? Please help as I am in a very severe...

  • Sudden, numerous cavities have appeared

    I'm eighteen and have never had any cavities at all. In the past week, I noticed one cavity in my lower front tooth (in a spot that had a hole in the enamel since i was twelve and the dentist didn't treat). Suddenly, it seems, I am seeing dark spots...

  • Born With Yellow Teeth?

    I have a yellow teeth but it isn\'t because I don\'t brush my teeth. I was born with it. One of my dentish told me he can put a cap on top of it when am 16 year\'s old. But I switch dentist and the one I have now told me it well clear out by the...

  • Appliance used for Overbite

    So I need to know. What appliances would they use for an overbite. I am really curios because I am going to the Orthodontist in January and I am getting an Update because it has been almost 2 years since I went for a consultation. And I have been on...

  • anxiety after oral surgery

    Is it normal to have anxiety after having oral surgery with chest pains?I had four wisdom teeth removed&the tooth on top.

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