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Overjet? Braces? Is my upper jaw forward or my lower jaw back??

I am 26 yr old female and i have finally gathered the money to get my braces done. Over the years i have been told that my lower jaw is "pushed back" and it could cause problems when am older. The last orthodontist i went to, mentioned that i have an overjet but he is not sure if thats whether my lowerjaw is pushed back or because my upper jaw is forward so he told me to get my x-rays done. He gave me three options (he has not seen the X-rays yet): Option 1: Have a surgery but i cannot...

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Infection at the root tip and failed root canal

I had my central incisors crowned 7 months ago. My left central incisor 2 days after became infected at the root tip. My dentist preformed a root canal and that seemed to improve the pain and infection. However, I started feeling pain near my nose and went back in to have it looked at. Indeed it was still infected. My dentist said it was chronic and she would redo the root canal. They emptied the canal and placed formocresol soaked cotton in the canal and temporarily sealed it. My first...

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Need Quote Cost of Implants/My Long Term Dental Hygiene Problem

How much in your estimate would a full surgery of taking teeth out and replacing with new? What payment options are available? Is it a pay in full right away, or is their a monthly payment option until paid in full? So right now my problem is this. Three of my front top teeth have a brownish/blackish color formed at the tip of the tooth on three teeth. This is the area that cannot seem to stand cold water as it hurts. Moving on to details about my history. It wasn't good. Literally when I...

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Incomplete treatment

I had started the process of getting braces had them on my top row only since I had a overbite I paid for the full treatment top and bottom row but i ended up moving to another state do to complications. Most of my brackets broke so I just removed them . Years later my teeth are even worse i moved back to the town where I got them so I was wondering if I could go back and maybe see about finishing the treatment ? Or do u think it's a waste of time

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crowned tooth

I had tooth that had fillings in it from 3 different places. Back in January this year my gums on the side of that tooth became very inflamed and painful. I went to doctor who treated my cavity that was on the side but my gums wouldn't heal and with time it was going lower and lower also painful. So I went to dentist again (fully convinced I'll need a root canal) doctor took x-ray and said there is no infection so he will place a crown. I wasn't too keen on that idea but I proceed...

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  • What is a crown?

    What is a crown? A crown, or cap is an indirect dental restoration placed over a tooth to restore it to natural shape, size, strength and function.  Crowns are cemented into place covering the visual portion of the tooth in the mouth, giving an improved appearance.  Crowns can be single unit or multi-unit, a fixed …

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  • What is Malocclusion?

    What is Malocclusion Malocclusion, or occlusion that has deviated from Class I molar relationship, can be a result of developmental, genetic and environmental factors. Class I malocclusion results when the relationship with the molars is normal, but the anterior (front) teeth are malpositioned, rotated, and out of alignment. These factors can compromise an individuals’ long-term …

  • Oral Hygiene Basics

    What is oral hygiene?   Oral hygiene is defined as the practice of keeping one’s mouth clean and disease free by brushing and cleaning in between the teeth.  This must be accomplished regularly in order to prevent disease and keep your breath fresh.  Dental disease includes both dental caries (tooth decay) and gingivitis or periodontitis …