Why Braces Are Essential For Achieving A Happier Smile

Millions of Americans every year are told for the first time that they need to wear braces, as a means of protecting and shaping their teeth for a straighter, healthier smile. The majority of those learning this news are children, and kids from the age of 7 can often benefit from orthodontic treatment and early, active intervention. This is often a trying time, particularly with older children, who may feel self-conscious or otherwise resistant to wearing braces. However, there are a number of reasons why braces are, in fact, essential to achieving a happier smile, and the health benefits alone are cause enough to take orthodontic advice.

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Braces are an essential consideration for anyone with naturally crooked teeth. Teeth do not always grow at a uniform pace, or in a uniform way, and this can be seen most prominently in children. Where the teeth are growing in an unexpected way, this can make dental care much more difficult, leading to more serious teeth and gum problems developing. Even the shape of the face can change through treatment with braces, leading to a straighter smile and a more natural resting position for the jaw. For taking control of dental growth, and achieving straighter teeth, braces are a vital part in the wider orthodontic plan.

Braces don’t just have the physical benefits of straightening the teeth – they can also provide a real emotional boost too. Follow Kool Smiles for more information on these benefits. Especially during teenage years, brace wearers can feel conscious about their appearance. Some will go so far as to avoid smiling or showing their teeth or face in public, and these issues can lead to more serious hang-ups as they age and develop. Braces can wrestle back this problem, providing your child with a reason to be more confident in their appearance. When the braces come off, the results are usually far better than if the teeth had been left untreated, which leaves people feeling better about their appearance and their smile.

Caring for misshapen and awkward growing teeth is made much more difficult, and ensuring an effective cleaning regime at one stage becomes impossible. Statistically speaking, those who need braces are more likely to develop dental problems, in particular gum disease, if they don’t address the problem. For this reason, those who are recommended for braces should consider seriously the benefits of following this advice. That way, they can be sure that they are giving their teeth the best chance of a healthy, useful lifespan.

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Wearing braces, where required, is essential if you want a straighter, healthier smile. Whether it is for your child, or you are part of the 1 in 5 braces wearers now over the age of 18, a recommendation to wear braces is usually one you are well advised to follow. From a healthier, more comfortable bite, through to improved confidence and self-esteem, and even for their role in helping to prevent gum disease and connected complications, braces are well worth the temporary hassle.