What To Expect At Your Initial Office Visit

As a prospective Orthodontic Patient you may not know what to exactly expect on your first Initial visit.  Although you may be nervous you have nothing to agonize over, the initial visit is normally quick and easy.

During your initial visit you will meet with the orthodontist and have what they call a “New Patient Exam”. During this exam the Orthodontist does a routine checkup that consists of checking your bite, checking your gums, measuring your mouth span, and taking notes of any baby teeth that are still remaining or any surface markings your teeth may have.  The Orthodontist takes all the information gathered from your exam in order to start a treatment plan for you.

If you are ready to start treatment the Orthodontist generally suggests you schedule a follow up appointment to start your patient records of x-rays, photos, and impressions.

If you are taking a younger child to the orthodontist between the ages of 7-10 there is a good chance that they still have a lot of baby teeth remaining, in this case you would be recommended by the Orthodontist to come back every 4-6 months for observation until your child is ready to start treatment.

After your “New Patient Exam” most Orthodontic offices will go over the details of your treatment in a private consultation room.  In the consultation room the Orthodontist will explain and answer any questions you may have about your treatment plan.  A staff member may also come in after the doctor leaves and go over finances with you.

Most Orthodontic offices give complimentary initial exams and then you can make a decision about starting treatment with them based upon your personal decisions on how you like the office and if the finances are cost effective for you.