Types of food you should avoid while in braces

Congratulations you have started your journey to a more perfect smile. There are a few things that you need to know while in orthodontic treatment, you will need to keep an eye on your diet. The orthodontist should give you a list of foods you need to avoid until you have you appliance or braces off. If you do not follow the instructions given you can break brackets off or your appliance. This just prolongs your treatment longer than it needs to be. Your orthodontic office may also charge you for repairing anything that may come off. You have already invested a lot into treatment, no need to add on to the cost if you can avoid it.

Separator’s, these are the little either rubber bands or metal loop that is placed in between your teeth to create space for the molar bands. Not all patients need them, but if you do you also have a limit on what not to eat. If this is all you have in your mouth at the current time watch the sticky things. This is the start of no gum or candy that can pull the separators out. You can still go ahead and enjoy basically anything else you would normally eat besides this so far. Also when you have these remember still floss your teeth just not the ones that have the dental separators placed in between.

Now for all other orthodontic appliances or braces, The list will now increase as what not to eat.Hard candy and food are the most important things to stay away from.  If you like ice in your drinks makes sure not to bite on it. Not only can this break a bracket or make it loose but it is not good for your teeth and can chip or break them as well. Try to avoid popcorn. The kernels can again break a bracket. Everyone needs fruits and veggies but you need to be cautious. Raw veggies are hard keeping this in mind. Steamed or cooked are better. If you eat apples you need to cut them up into small pieces. Do not try to bite into a full apple. No nuts! These are harder than you think. Peanut butter is okay to eat but only the smooth kind as the crunchy has nut. Like most of the population, everyone likes pizza. It is ok to eat pizza but if it has a hard crust do not eat that part.

Chips are always a quick snack but again they are too hard. If they are the light and crispy ones they should be alright. It’s the hard pretzels and Doritos that you need to avoid. Hard meats such as anything that is on the bone. It is ok to eat but you will now need to remove the meat off the bone. Hard steak and other meats need to be cut up into small pieces. Another all-time favorite is corn on the cob. This will now need to be cut off the cob in able to eat it.

Candy and gum is a major no! Things such as taffy, jolly ranchers, skittles, starburst and caramels and gum, do not eat! If you eat suckers make sure you do not bite on it.

If you follow this list of what not to eat and what to avoid you should have no breakage or problems while in orthodontic treatment.