iTero For Invisalign Reduces Gagging For Full Arch Patients

In September 2017, Align Technology introduced a new brand identity for the iTero scanning system tools. Since 2007, iTero has been revolutionizing dentistry and Orthodontics with its intra oral digital scanner.  The iTero intraoral scanning system and OrthoCAD digital services are available to general practitioners, dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists.  This is great news for patients that find a full arch impression difficult to tolerate.  The system will simplify the digital workflow utilizing easy to use, doctor friendly, staff friendly, and patient friendly tools.

iTero is an intraoral scanner designed to take up to 6000 scans per second.  That is essentially 6000 pictures that are electronically stitched before the patients’ eyes.  The images are captured with a light weight intraoral wand that is fog free.  Once the images are captured, they are simultaneously stitched together and appear on the monitor for viewing.  This allows the patient to see exactly what the provider can intra-orally, capturing both the hard and soft tissues in the mouth.

Full digital scanning means no messy impressions or bite registrations.  Many practices can now guarantee a gag-free guarantee.  Not only is iTero used for orthodontics, but it is also used for restorative procedures. Many patients suffer from a gag reflex and will often neglect their oral care in fear of having to be presented with the uncomfortable reflex.

With the use of iTero scanners, and the practices ability to now visually show their patients the outcomes of their Invisalign treatment.  Clincheck set ups are 50% faster with 10 times fewer rejections (and impression retakes).  There are 7 times fewer fit issues with aligners leading to an overall better patient experience.  When using the iTero scanner, both the patients and provider are able to see the changes in their tooth wear, movement, and gingiva over time. This leads to encouraged treatment chairside, as well as a predictable outcome and increased case acceptance.

iTero scanners are utilized from patient records throughout retention. iTero Vivera and Vivera Pre De-bond scans allow providers to prescribe Vivera retention for both bracket/wire and Invisalign patients chairside.  Once orthodontic treatment is complete, the patient is simply rescanned.  The images are sent to align technology instantly and fabrication of Vivera retainers is started, eliminating another impression.  Once complete, they are shipped to the provider and delivered to the patient same day as the brackets or attachments are de-bonded.

iTero is revolutionizing digital imaging for patients and reducing impressions, materials, retakes, and extended treatment times.