Invisalign Teen vs Braces

Sometimes being a teenager is tough.  Managing sports, friends, school work and a social life can be challenging to say the least.  If adding metal braces isn’t on the top of your to do list, let Invisalign teen correct your smile while you continue being a teen.  Invisalign teen is made of the same clear, smooth plastic that is nearly invisible.  You may be the only one that knows your wearing them.

While most of your friends often have a restricted diet while being treated with traditional orthodontics, you can continue to enjoy the things you love.  With Invisalign teen you have the freedom to choose the foods you enjoy, when you want to enjoy them.  Thats something that you cant do with traditional orthodontics.  So say yes to popcorn, peanuts, corn on the cob, and chicken wings without saying no to straightening your smile and correcting your bite.  No need to make extra trips or miss school for broken brackets, loose wires, or plaque buildup due to inadequate or poor brushing around fixed appliances.  Simply remove your aligners when you eat, drink (beverages other than water) and to brush and floss.

Continue to enjoy the activities you love.  With traditional orthodontics it can be difficult to play a musical instrument or play a contact sport.  Metal brackets and wires can cause harm to soft tissues in the mouth if a mouth guard or other devise is not properly fitted.  With continual movement of your teeth and the added hassle of cemented brackets and wires, having mouth guards made can be costly and a hassle with additional dental appointments on top of orthodontic appointments.  Invisalign teen can be removed to play an instrument or under a sports mouthguard to reinforce strength and protect teeth.

Invisalign teen is able to effectively treat crowding, spacing, cross bite, over bite and over jet while straightening your dentition,  The average cost is similar to traditional orthodontics.  Invisalign also allows you to remove the device when you need to, continue to enjoy the foods you love, reduces the amount of visits for broken wires and brackets, can lead to improved oral hygiene habits, and Invisalign teen provides up to 6 broken or lost aligners.

The choice is clear, Invisalign Teen…