Invisalign Express Review and Cost

There is now an affordable alternative to braces and Invisalign for patients with orthodontic relapse or minor crowding and spacing. Most individuals that have minor orthodontic movements to accomplish tend to shy away from being treated due to the fear of cost and commitment of traditional brackets and wires. Invisalign has developed a product specifically to meet the needs of those individuals named Invisalign Express.

Invisalign Express utilizes the same invisible aligner technology (smooth, clear plastic aligners) in a five stage or less treatment program. This treatment is proven just as effective as full term treatment, yet for minor movements (thus requiring less aligners). The clear durable aligners are switched out every two weeks, until all five aligners have been completed. Aligners help patients to avoid many of the side effects of traditional brackets and wires such as demineralization and tooth decay, root resorption (shortening of the roots), prevention of x-rays during routine check-ups (traditional brackets and wires can prevent accurate placement of films and digital sensors) , and change in diet due to food restrictions. Invisalign Express, like Invisalign, only requires visits every 4-6 weeks to receive a new set of aligners. With Invisalign Express you will likely only be seen in the office 2-3 times during your entire case. This is especially beneficial to those that travel often for business, as they are able to continue progressing through their treatment without making visits to the provider’s office every month. Invisalign also is less painful than traditional orthodontic due to smaller more frequent movements and less force per week, than traditional orthodontics with greater force applied every visit (4-6 weeks). Invisalign Express treatment time is 3 months or less. With a shorter treatment length, providers are given greater flexibility to offer Invisalign Express to their patients at a much more affordable rate than a full Invisalign case. As with all orthodontic procedures, the final price is based upon the complexity of the case, but the average treatment for Invisalign Express is approximately $1600.00 to $2300.00.

Once you are happy with your smile, you will be faced with choosing a retainer. There are three popular retainer types, bonded retainers, Essix (clear) retainers, and the Hawley retainer. The Essix retainer is similar to an Invisalign aligner. It is a transparent removable retainer that fits over your teeth and produced from a mold. This retainer does not contain any wire or metal and is usually provided by Invisalign as part of your Invisalign Express treatment. Your provider with choose the retainer that is best for you after treatment during retention planning. All 3 of the retainers are good choices, but the best choice is the one you wear!

With Invisalign Express there is no need to let those shifted teeth or small spaces annoy you, or the fear that it’s minimal compared to the results that last a lifetime.