How To Choose A Good Orthodontist

When you or your Dentist decide it’s time for Orthodontic Treatment it may be a little difficult to actually choose an Orthodontist that’s right for you. Here are a few helpful suggestions on how to choose a good Orthodontist. In order to start this process you need to know what important characteristics and qualifications a good Orthodontist should entail. You should ask yourself the following questions when starting your search for a good Orthodontist.

  • Do the Orthodontist and their staff make you feel welcome and comfortable?
  • Does the office appear to be sterile and organized?
  • How long has the doctor been practicing and what are his/her credentials?
  • Is the doctor reliable and available in emergency situations?
  • Are their current patients satisfied with their results thus far?
  • Does the practice have a before and after album you can look at?
  • Is the price of treatment reasonable?

In order to find the answers you are looking for to the above questions, call any Orthodontists that you may be interested in and arrange an office tour. During the office tour you should be able to get a general idea if the staff makes you feel welcome and comfortable. You will also be able to view the treatment area and see if it appears to be sterile and organized. Sometime during the office tour you should be able to meet with the Orthodontist and briefly ask your questions about how long they have been practicing, what kind of degree they obtain, and what their procedures are for out of office patient emergencies. Don’t feel embarrassed to approach the Orthodontist with these questions, you want to feel 100% comfortable and confident with everything this Orthodontist and their practice has to offer you.

While you are at the office seek out patients in the waiting room and conversate with them about how they like the practice and if they are satisfied with the results they are receiving into their treatment. You also want to see some pictures of patients who are done with treatment and see their results, you can do this by asking if the office has a before and after album or a photo wall with all their finished patients. Orthodontic treatment can be fairly expensive so ask for a general pricing outline of treatment from the office so you have a better idea if this Orthodontist fits into your budget. Don’t be afraid to ask about monthly payment plans or to compare prices with other Orthodontists.

Sometimes it’s hard to arrange office tours if you have a busy schedule,  so you can use other local resources to help you find a good orthodontist; such as your dentist, friends, family or see if the orthodontics office has an online website to do a virtual tour. If you begin your search by using this outline you should able to find a good Orthodontist that’s right for you!