Dating With Braces Tips

Adults all over the world are getting braces to improve the appearance and functionality of their teeth and bite.   An obvious concern about getting braces is the traditional appearance of the brackets.   With the changing technologies in orthodontics that include invisible alternatives such as Invisalign, adult patients can be more confident when undergoing treatment.   Whether you decide to get a clear alternative to metal braces or go for the full metal grill, you should not let orthodontic treatment affect your dating life and meeting new people.

Dating and being single can be quite a burden for those looking to get into a relationship.   Some may even cherish and enjoy the experience of meeting new people and looking for that special someone.   Your teeth and smile say quite a bit about you when meeting someone new.  That first impression when you give a smile is always warming and welcomes the appetite to want more.  So should you be afraid to flash a smile full of braces?  Absolutely not.

Put It In Perspective

Fellas, would you not date a beautiful actress such as Scarlett Johansson if she had braces on?    Ladies, would you steer clear of Tom Cruise (who did have ceramic braces) wearing braces.   I think not.   The braces are such a minor appearance attribute that is soon forgotten once getting to know the person.

Keep em’ Clean!

In general you should maintain an even more rigorous hygiene regimen when meeting new people.  Just as you keep your hands clean, your mouth is very important.   Learn to carry the tools you need with you to ensure you can brush, floss and rinse as needed, such as after meals.   We recommend a waterpik for an easy way to get the food out of your teeth after a meal.

Forget the Haters!

There will be critics out there that may look at your braces as weird and question why you have them as an adult.   If these people are not going to understand in a brief explanation, than it is probably best you move on.   Why you have braces on really does not deserve an explanation to someone who approaches the situation in a negative manner.  However you will be surprised as to how many people will be very inquisitive and have wanted braces as adults also.   We have seen one person in an office get braces only to have a chain reaction of coworkers follow.

Kissing With Braces

When getting intimate, you will want your braces to be very clean.  A clean and refreshing mouth is inviting for the kiss.   Keep a mouthwash in your purse or car if you expect to get intimate with your partner.  You can kiss as normal, but make sure your partner is comfortable with the braces and not too aggressive initially.

Do not isolate yourself!

Life is short and if you feel you need to isolate yourself for the length of your treatment, than you will surely regret the lost time.   Instead of viewing your braces as a burden and a negative attribute to your appearance, enjoy them.   Start a braces blog where you can track your improvements while sharing with others your progress.   All too often you see people wearing braces who hide them when they smile.  Wear them proudly and your confidence will exude and do you wonders.

Confidence Is Sexy!

A friend of mine who wore braces at 30 would walk into bars and social situations and say, “Have you ever kissed a guy with braces?” and then flash his grill.   It didn’t really matter what he said, it was how he said it and the girl would laugh hysterically.   He would continue to engage them in a conversation about something interesting and they totally forget that that he has braces.  His confidence while wearing them gives off a signal that he is confident and successful in other aspects of his life too.

Your confidence and attitude is far more important that your physical looks when it comes to meeting new people.   While it is important to dress nice and keep you well groomed, many men and women are not as physical as many single people think.

If you are a bit shy of meeting new people in public gatherings, than you can try online dating.  We highly recommend over the other sites for the volume of people and the setup of the site.


Don’t let braces delay you meeting the person you are looking for.  Continue to live your life as normal and wear the braces with confidence.   Just as you don’t care if your partner or new people you meet are wearing braces, they won’t care about your shiny grill.