Frequently Asked Questions: Teenage Orthodontic Patients

Includes why get braces, how does orthodontic treatment work, what is having braces like, what kinds of braces are there, what steps occur during orthodontic treatment, other questions and concerns about braces, and other information about orthodontics. This guide is mainly for patients 10-14 years old. Older teenagers should see our FAQ for adult patients. Get Sonicare Toothbrush Coupons for you teenager to save money on purchasing a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush. to Click here to see it  Click here for our disclaimer and privacy statement

Introducing Our Braces and Orthodontics Characters:

FradyCat - a patient afraid of braces

A Cool Dude with excellent braces. He will tell you how to be cool with braces.

Guy Funi, A guy who really knows how to have fun in braces.

Dr Bob, Your Friendly Orthodontist. He will give you the official answers

Professor Hatt, DMD. He will answer the really hard questions.

The spokesman

Table of Contents (A List Of What Is Covered In This FAQ)

  • Why Should I get Braces?
    Why Get Braces? How Will Braces Improve My Health? Why Do People Need Braces? How Many Teenagers Need Braces?, What Do Braces Cost?
  • How Does Orthodontic Treatment Work?
    How does orthodontic treatment work?
  • When Should I Get Treatment?
    What Is The Best Time To Get Braces, What happens if I wait?
  • What Is Having Braces Like?
    What is having braces like?, Does It Hurt?, Will My Friends Laugh At Me?, How Long Does It Take?, Is There Anything I Cannot Do?, Any Danger In Swallowing A Piece Of My Braces, Going To The School Dance In Braces
  • What Kinds Of Braces Are There?
    Kinds Of Braces, All About Stylish Braces(tm)
  • What Steps Occur During Orthodontic Treatment?
    What Are The Parts Of Orthodontic Treatment? Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment,Full Orthodontic Treatment: The Initial Exam, The Records Appointment, The Consultation, Putting On Your Braces, Tightening Appointments, Finishing, On To Retainers
  • Other Common Questions
    Brushing My Teeth with Braces. All About Rubber Bands, Retainers, Ligating Modules, Facebows. Lingual Braces, Dangers In Orthodontics: Recycling, Allergic Reactions, Improper Sterilization

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