What do I do with a swelling bump on my gum line?

About a year ago I bit a piece of my tooth off and so now there is a hole. Well recently the tooth with the hole became swollen under it on the gum line and became very large. Today at work I looked in the mirror and noticed two white dots. Everyone told me to go home and brush cause it is suppose to help so I did and it tore the swollen bump and started bleeding. It is pretty big and it is bleeding, it hurts and it makes me not able to eat. I don\'t have insurance so I can\'t go to the dentist. Any ideas as to what it is?

Answer: swelling on gum line

By Sarah h

The swelling and bumps you have noticed on your gum line are indicative of a dental abscess. This occurs when there is trauma (injury. decay, or spontaneous) to the nerve which results in irreversible pulpitis. Once the nerve tissue and blood vessels begin to decompose, a fistula is created. You have an infection that needs to be treated first with antibiotics, followed by either a root canal to remove the necrotic tissue or an extraction to remove the tooth. Unfortunately, you cannot allow insurance to dictate your care. With or without insurance you have a very dangerous infection in your mouth which is in close proximity to your brain. This should not go untreated. You may be able to visit the local emergency room for an antibiotic or pain medication until you can make a dental appointment. However, keep in mind, that the antibiotics will only fight the infection temporarily and until the tooth is treated, it will remain a source of constant infection in your mouth and body.