Skin bubble on the roof of my mouth.

So I have what I would describe as a skin bubble on the roof of my mouth. If I put my finger on it I can move the skin. It's like it just formed because I feel like I would have noticed it. If it helps i just ate some hot food but I feel that if it was a burn it would hurt. Can you please help me understand what it is?

Answer: Skin Bubble on Roof of Mouth

By Sarah h

More than likely what you are describing is a burn from the recently eaten hot food. Usually depending on the temperature of the food, we can feel it. However, sometimes when the food burns our palate (roof of the mouth), it will temporarily numb the area that was burnt. This bubble is similar to a blister on the skin and will exfoliate in time. Warm salt water rinses can help heal the area quickly and should filly resolve within 7-10 days on its own. If it doesn't, having your dentist examine the area is wise. Also note is it changes in size, consistency, or shape. These will be important changes your dentist will ask about.