Scared my teeth will move

I\'m really concerned. I got my braces removed almost three years ago and I try to be diligent about wearing my retainer. I always remember to take it with me when I stay somewhere overnight. But this weekend was stressful and it slipped my mind. I\'ll be without my retainer for three nights! I\'m so worried that when I get back after three nights my teeth will have moved! Please help

Answer: Scared My Teeth Will Move

By Sarah h

Most likely since you have remained diligent for the last three years, your retainers will feel snug for the first few hours. If any shifting has occurred, your teeth should quickly move right back into place. There is no need to worry or to schedule any follow up appointments just yet. Be sure when you return home, to wear your retainer for the first 24 hours and then resume night use only or wear as recommended by your treating orthodontist.