Oral Surgery Help for the Elderly

Please tell me if there are programs out there that help the elderly afford oral surgery and dentures. My Mom is 75, lives alone on SSI and is looking at approx. $6,000.00 to have her rotten teeth removed and new dentures put in. She cannot afford this without some help!! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you, her concerned daughter, Lisa

Answer: Oral Surgery Help for the Elderly

By Sarah h

It is unfortuante that your mother is going through this, however there is usually state help or funding to help elderly and disabled patients with extractions and dentures. Most states have a state run Medicare or Medicaid program that individuals qualify for at age 65 or younger if disabled.  Under these programs there is usually a supplemental program for a small amount of money that will carry limited dental coverage. Each state is run differently, so it is best to search for the Medicare or Medicaid office number in your area and apply for your mother.  Many times these programs are income based, so be sure to have that information available in order to receive the most accurate information.  Some local health departments also have dental clinics which may be of assistance.  These clinics are usually income based as well and are on a sliding pay scale.  If these options are not available to you, there are affordable insurance coverages for individuals which provide substantial discounts in participating offices.  Dentalplans.com has several options for immediate affordable coverage.