Is my dentist following the best method?

Hi my dentist has started work on my mouth to straighten my teeth I'm told I have a v shaped palate so I'm currently wearing a palate expander he then wants to pull my back moulders to let my wisdoms come up and do braces to straighten my teeth is this the best method? I'm a 18 year old girl

Answer: Orthodontic methods

By Sarah h

It is difficult to say if your treating dentist is utilizing the best method of treatment. Today there are several options that all lead to the same or similar result. Your dentist is probably doing the best treatment for your specific situation in which they are trained. Thus, being their preferred method. Some of these options include, traditional braces, ceramic braces, Damon braces, and clear removable aligners (Invisalign) to name a few. These are all forms of "braces" or appliances used to properly align the teeth and restore a class I occlusion. If you feel you are not getting the best treatment, a second opinion is always recommended especially in an extraction case. Teeth can be fixed, but once a tooth is removed, it cannot be replaced with a natural tooth again. Wisdom teeth are anatomically different from second molars and it would be a good idea to explore all your options prior to any extractions. Palatal expanders are very effective when used properly and with patient cooperation. Since you are still in the expansion phase, there is time to speak with your treating dentist or gain a second opinion before proceeding with the next step. Orthodontics is a huge investment of time, cooperation and finances. It is best to feel confident in your treatment and have an appreciation for the result.