Can Bondin Be Mistakenly Removed During Scaling?

Is it possible to mistakenly remove 15-yr old cosmetic bonding from the teeth during the scaling process? I came from the dentist with a sizable gap between my front teeth where I previously had bonding work done. Wouldn\'t the bonding have shown up on my x-rays? I had the work done by a second year student as part of a community program at a local college.

Answer: Missing Restoration

By Sarah h

It is possible to have a bonding or any dental restoration removed during the scaling process. However, scaling alone does not remove restorations. These have usually begun to loosen or have existing marginal breakdown prior to the scaling. A fifteen year old bonded restoration is considered very old. Composite resin materials as well as bonding agents and techniques have improved drastically in the last fifteen years. More than likely you had a deteriorated margin in which bacteria and plaque had collected, when attempting to remove the tartar the bonding may have become loose from the marginal breakdown and popped off without the hygienist realizing it. Bondings do appear more radio opaque on traditional dental radiographs, however they would need to be taken after to check your bondings as well as before. Cosmetic bondings are usually replaced after ten years and should be covered by your dental insurance as a basic restorative procedure.