A year without retainers...not sure what to do?

Hi there, First off, thanks in advance for taking the time to answer questions. I had Hawley retainers for about 6-7 years after getting my braces removed and wore them pretty consistently. About a little over a year ago, after washing my retainers in too warm of water, they shifted to the point where I would put them in and experience discomfort. I couldn't even put my bottom retainers back in. I've moved across the country to a new city since getting my braces off and wasn't sure what to do. Fast forward to today, I've noticed some shifting in my teeth. I feel as though my bite suffered from the absence of retainers over the year. My front two teeth touch my bottom two teeth when stationary/relaxed and it's a *tad* uncomfortable. I understand that getting retainers at this point would just prevent any further movement. However, is there a way that I'd be able to get retainers molded in a way to shift to original position? Or would I have to start this process again and get braces / possibly Invislign? I hate that I waited so long to take action on this, but alas it naturally took the back-burner on my to-do list. :( Thank you so much again for your help Alex

Hawley Retainer

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