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What are the different kinds of bites?
There are different type of bites that a person may have that is referred to as the malocclusion type. Read more

Does jaw surgery hurt?
When getting jaw surgery everyone expects there to be pain associated with it.   However most patients will tell you that they felt no pain, which could be mainly due to the prescription pain killers prescribed once you leave the hospital. Read more

Does Jaw Surgery Change the Shape of Your Face?
When your teeth don't fit together your facial symmetry may be off.   By having your jaw and teeth corrected, you will see a more natural shape in your face hence the change in facial appearance.  To most the change is very minor, but the patient usually notices right away for the better. Read more

How long does swelling from jaw surgery last?
One of the biggest concerns with any surgery is the swelling after.  Jaw surgery swelling happens to all patients and the severity varies by patient.   Facial swelling normally last several weeks to several months. Read more

How long after corrective jaw surgery can you start talking?
If you are considering having jaw surgery than a concern may be as to how long it will take for you to gain full control of your speech.    Since you will be wired or banded shut you will want to account for the time to possibly take off from work or prepare for a period of time in which talking may be difficult.  However, most are able to talk through their teeth immediately after jaw surgery. Read more

How long is the recovery after a corrective jaw surgery?
A common question regarding jaw surgery is the recovery.   Take it from a past jaw surgery patient first hand in this article about the recovering after jaw surgery. Read more

Openbite, Crossbite, Edge To Edge Jaw Surgery Case Study
In Erin's case she had an edge to edge bite which is commonly fixed with braces and jaw surgery to get the desired results.   Erin started her journey of jaw surgery at 30 years old.   Take a ride into this case study with Erin and learn about her jaw surgery experience as well as get the facts. Read more

Class 3 Underbite Jaw Surgery Case Study
Read about Brandon's journey to fix his severe underbite and crossbite.   Brandon's results came out amazing and he documented his underbite and jaw surgery progress online well.   Learn from Brandon's experience with jaw surgery in this case study. Read more

Mandibular Advancement Jaw Surgery (BSSO) Case Study
Sabrina has lower jaw surgery also known as madibular advancement to correct an overbite.   Her case study will allow you to learn more about overbite jaw surgery first hand from a real life case. Read more

Can you have a tongue piercing while getting jaw surgery?
If you are considering get your tongue piereced and plan on having jaw surgery than you may need to rethink that decision.  Jaw surgery requires you to be put under anaesthetic and it is madatory to remove all piercings. Read more