Version 1.6

MyBraces gives you the ability to create and share your unique thoughts and stories about the experiences you have had while in braces

  • Choose to make your journal entries public or private
  • Take pictures of your teeth to track and compare your progress
  • Personalize your ligature colors
  • Share your journals and ligatures with your friends on facebook
  • Optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina display
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. WiFi, Edge, or 3G network connection required.

Customizable progress tickers

Track your progress

Personalize and share your ligature colors

If you have braces, you need this App!

- uvraise

This is a must have app for your braces journey. Record your progress and share your experience with new friends. Great idea!!!

- auntlinney

Great App for tracking your own progress and coummunicating with others.

- goin4it

An App that you will love to use.

- pigonthego

There's now an app for that!! One stop shop to help track your journey and connect to other braces wearers around the world.

- RHOyallyBraced

One-of-a-kind app! Very user friendly and a great place to keep track of your orthodontic process.

- MarciLouWho
See it in action!

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MyBraces 1.4

Released on 06/07/11
  • Native iPad support (Universal app)
  • bug fixes

MyBraces 1.3

Released on 05/25/11
  • Significantly reduced app size!
  • News feed now loads when user first logs in
  • Twitter feed now shows web view
  • Various other bug fixes
  • Lite version can now see Public subject lines

MyBraces 1.2

Released on 05/12/11
  • Added "News" to Home
  • Added ToolTips
  • App rating link now links to proper app (Lite version was linking to Full)
  • Fixed blank space in Blacklist (Full version)

MyBraces 1.1

Released on 04/22/11
  • Added the Ticker Store - Buy new ticker rulers and slides!
  • An alert now pops up after user submits registration showing the email address used.
  • Various backend bugs fixed
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If you encounter any issues with MyBraces or just want to suggest improvements, feel free to email us at the address below.