iTero For Invisalign Reduces Gagging For Full Arch Patients
iTero For Invisalign Reduces Gagging For Full Arch Patients Read more

Invisalign Interproximal Reduction (IPR)
During your Invisalign consultation and/or throughout the course of treatment there are several procedures that you may hear mentioned, that should be explained to you in advance. These procedures help the dentist predict movement of your teeth and ensure you receive the best result possible. Read more

How Much Does Invisalign Cost
When deciding if orthodontics is right for you, cost becomes a large determining factor, especially for someone on a budget.  Read more

Invisalign Express Review and Cost
There is now an affordable alternative to braces and Invisalign for patients with orthodontic relapse or minor crowding and spacing. Most individuals that have minor orthodontic movements to accomplish tend to shy away from being treated due to the fear of cost and commitment of traditional brackets and wires. Invisalign has developed a product specifically to meet the needs of those individuals named Invisalign Express. Read more

Fixing Bite Occlusion With Invisalign
Occlusion can be described as the way your teeth bite together. Not only is correcting the alignment of your teeth (straightening) with Invisalign important, but correcting your molar relationship is just as important. When malocclusion (misalignment) occurs it can have expensive and damaging effects throughout your entire mouth. These can include but are not limited to hypersensitivity, mobility, abfractions, excessive wear, temporomandibular (TMJ) pain, and even tooth fracture. The above mentioned conditions can cost thousands of dollars to repair if not treated proactively. Read more

Orthodontic Retention With Invisalign
Once you have invested time and money into your perfect smile, it is important to retain it. Orthodontic retention happens as soon as your braces are removed. Any teeth that are not retained, will move. Orthodontic retention is a long term, individualized plan. This not only retains the teeth in the current position, but prevents them from reverting back to their previous position and enhances the long-term cosmetics of your new smile. Read more

Types Of Dental Problems Fixed With Invisalign
Like all good things, Invisalign has continued to evolve over the years and today can effectively correct most orthodontic problems.  Invisalign can be used to correct crowding, spacing, cross bite, over bite and over jet. Read more

Choosing An Invisalign Provider
When choosing an Invisalign provider, it can often be confusing who to pick.    Patients can choose an orthodontist, a general dentist or a Preferred, Premier, Premier Elite or Super Elite provider.    How do you know who will treat your case best and what the difference between these providers is?    It is always best to have more than one consultation when deciding between providers.    Invisalign is a decision that will change more than just your smile, so find a provider you trust so your relationship with them will create the best situation for you during your treatment. Read more

Invisalign Teen vs Braces
Invisalign Teen is a great alternative to braces. You can correct your smile without the use of tradional braces. Read more

Invisalign and Your Oral Health
With the many options for straightening teeth today it can be an overwhelming decision on which treatment will fit your lifestyle best. Read more